Causes, symptoms, homeopathy treatment of headache

Causes, symptoms, homeopathy treatment of headache

 A headache occurring in the region of one’s head or neck is also referred to as cephalgia. It  can be very unbearable. The pain is caused on account of the disturbance of various pain-sensitive structures that surround the brain. Several parts of the head as well as the neck have these pain-sensitive structures that can be divided into two spheres: firstly, within the cranium (blood vessels, the cranial nerves and meninges as well as the outside the cranium ( the periosteum of one’s skull, the muscles, arteries, nerves as well as the veins, eyes, subcutaneous tissues, ears, eyes, ears, sinuses as well as mucous membranes.

More about headache:

The ICHD-2 classification states that migraines, headaches, tension-types headache, cluster headaches as well as other trigenminal autonomic cephalalgias as  the main form of  primary headaches and secondary headaches. On the other hand, the secondary type of headaches are inclusive of the neck or head injury such as whiplash injury, post craniotomy, intracranial hematoma, post craniotomy or other forms of head or neck injury.

How are headaches caused?

Headaches occur due to cervical vascular or cranial disorders such as ischemic stroke as well as ischemic attack , vascular malformation, non-traumatic intracranial hemorrhage or arthritis. These are described as secondary headaches.

  • Weather  and temperature changes, such as  extreme sunlight  as well as  rain  and extreme cold exposures cause headaches.
  • Tight hair accessories such as bands, hat and clips.
  • Strenuous   exercises  which include sex as well.
  • Strong forms of odors such as paint smells as well as perfumes.
  •  Overeating or skipping meals.
  • Poor posture in daily activities
  • Alcoholic drink and red wine drinking causes headache.
  • Skipping meals or overeating.
  • Smoking and taking coffee
  • Mental stress, excessive thinking, depression and grief,
  • Contraceptive pills intake.
  • No proper sleep.

Causes, symptoms, homeopathy treatment of headacheHow is a headache diagnosed?

  • Electro encepgalogram (EEG)
  • MRI
  • CT BRAIN WITH CONTRAST to be to  identify any aneurysms

Homeopathic treatments for headaches:

  • Gelsimium: There are certain symptoms one experiences such as heaviness of head, band feeling, dull heavy ache in the occiput region and bruised feeing can be dealt by compression and lying on the head. One feels better by urination and touching the scalp sore when one experiences soreness of neck as well as shoulder, headache that is preceded by blindness. The pain can extend from the temple onwards and can be quite debilitating.
  • Iris versicolar: One experiences frontal headaches , headache with nausea feeling and the scalp feels constricted . One also faces blurring of eyes after retiring  from  the mental strain and the worst part after rest.
  • Nat Mur: This is very useful in treating chronic headaches and headaches that occur from sunrise to sunset, a lot of pain in the brain, anaemic headache and semi-lateral headache, nervous headache after one’s menses, headache due to eye-strain and so forth.
  • Glonine: This is useful in treating headaches caused due to sunstroke heat and dizziness, confusion etc.
  • Sepia: This can be used to treat vertigo with sensations of a rolling head, writhing pain coupled with nausea, painful headache in the side of the head, terrible shocks during menses.
  • Bellodona: This helps treat a throbbing and palpitating headache, pain caused by light, semi-erect level position, headache caused due to a haircut and so forth.
  • Sanguinara :This headache starts in the occiput region  and then settles in  the eyes, veins in temples getting dilapidated. Pain is reduced by adequate sleep and rest, lying down in  the dark. Other symptoms experienced are burning of the  eyes and one experiencing pain in back of the head.

Headaches can be nagging and need to be treated immediately. One can go in for homeoepathic treatment as much relief is provided. Adequate rest and sleep can do wonders and one must relax as far as possible.  Daily stresses and strains can cause headaches and one would like to get relief from it to carry on with daily chores. Modern day lifestyles apply a lot of pressure on a person and sometimes he or she is unable to cope up with it. The net result is nagging headache that makes one want to take rest.


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