Causes & Homeopathy Treatment for Acne Rosacea

Causes & Homeopathy Treatment for Acne Rosacea

Famous homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad are well versed to treat Acne Rosacea and this is so on account of the best homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad. Relief is necessary.

Bottom of Form Acne Rosacea is a skin disorder of one’s face beginning in adulthood where the face does become red, oily as well as bumpy especially on cheeks, chin, and one’s forehead. Famous homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad are competent to treat it.

It is rather more common in females as compared to males in the age group of 30 – 60 years, but is, in fact, less severe in females.

It happens to be an inflammatory disease where the blood vessels of the face get dilated which starts with flushing as well as blushing of the face by certain trigger factors such as sun, heat, and stress. 



  • Appearance of the nose, as well as face, does permanently change as the nose swells gradually which is known as rhinophyma.
  • If nodules of the nose do develop internally, they can lead to obstruction in one’s air passage.
  • Gradually it does affect the eyes and can also lead to complete loss of vision.


  • Psychological stress
  • Lack of confidence and also a sense of embarrassment.
  • Social isolation is there wherein the person does avoid contact with other people and even suicidal tendencies may develop

It is good to opt for the best homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad to get relief from Acne Rosacea. 

 Homeopathic treatment

  •  Homeopathy consists of more than 80 medicines for Acne Rosacea which does help to give a permanent relief as well as reduce the Acne Rosacea
  • The treatment also helps to reduce the dilation of blood vessels and thus reducing flushing, redness as well as burning of the face.
  • We find out the basic reason behind the Acne Rosacea in a particular person and treat the person as a whole.
  • Each remedy is carefully prescribed after taking a complete physical and mental history of the patient in treatment for Rosacea.
  • Homeopathic Treatment for Rosacea

Homeopathic treatment for Rosacea largely develops based upon the severity of the Rosacea. Famous homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad can treat well. The best homeopathy treatment in Hyderabad is worth considering.

Causes & Homeopathy Treatment for Acne Rosacea

Treatments for Acne Rosacea

1. Mild Rosacea

Rosacea is mild if it leads to a reddened or perhaps flushed complexion. Agaricus Macarius is recommended to get rid of the redness and itchiness that are caused due to exposure to cold air. Belladonna is also given to cool down hot as well as shiny skin. 

2. Rosacea Acne

In some situations, redness and flushing of the skin can are accompanied by acne cysts that do typically appear on one’s forehead, nose as well as below one eye. Psorinum or Silicea can be administered for pus-filled cysts while Eugenia Jambos is useful for painful and hardened skin.

3. Erythematotelangiectatic Rosace

This sort of Rosacea is noticed by the appearance of visible blood vessels which lead to a bluish, marble-like effect on one’s face. Carbo vegetabilis is generally prescribed as a homeopathic treatment for Rosacea of this sort of nature. Meanwhile, the Lachesis mutus does help to ease the symptoms of the skin in case it is hot.

4. Populopustular Rosacea

This sort of Rosacea can be noticed by the thickening of the skin o account of a prolonged lack of treatment. The formation of connective tissues beneath one’s skin does occur around the nose to give it a bulbous, engorged appearance. Sarsaparilla Officinalis and Hydocotyle sciatica are administered for this sort of Rosacea.

5. Ocular Rosacea

Rosacea that affects the eye is considered severe. At this stage, one’s eyes do begin to water, itch, feel hot, and have a red appearance. Euphrasia Officinalis is generally recommended for ocular rosacea. Cantharis vesicatoria is indeed a viable good remedy in case of excessive exposure to the sun while Bovista Lycoperdon is given in case of ocular rosacea getting worse by the usage of cosmetics.


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