Can Homeopathy Treat Hirsutism?

Can Homeopathy Treat Hirsutism?

Homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad are well qualified to treat Hirsutism and patients can make it a point to approach famous homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad.

Hirsutism happens to be a growth of dark as well as coarse hair in the regions of a woman’s body where there should be very fine or no hair at all, including lip, chin, chest, back, and abdomen. This growth is due to an excessive male hormone called androgen, which all women have naturally. It can be caused on account of idiopathic Hirsutism and polycystic ovary syndrome and both of these can be diagnosed by physical evaluation, clinical or familial history. 

It is good to approach homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad for proper treatment.

Causes for Hirsutism

Genetic Hirsutism

Hirsutism can run in the family or if some of the immediate family suffers from the condition, a person may likely develop the condition as well. Symptoms can be curbed only with symptom management such as hair removal.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hormonal imbalance can occur due to several reasons. PCOS and Cushing’s syndrome do lead to a hormonal imbalance in women. Also, some types of tumors can cause it. Most women do experience some hair growth during menopause. Also, certain medications cause hormonal imbalance as a side effect.


Obesity can also cause a spike in androgens in one’s body. The body tends to produce more insulin if a person is overweight. Insulin promotes the production of testosterone in the woman’s ovaries. Excess amounts of testosterone can cause Hirsutism. If a person struggles to lose weight, then the person is suffering from PCOS. One of the side effects of this health condition is excessive weight gain. Of course, being obese does not necessarily mean a person will be obese.

Effectiveness of homeopathic treatment

Homeopathy does provide a comprehensive treatment in treating Hirsutism without provoking an imbalance in the existing hormonal cycles. Famous homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad can be consulted upon for getting relief from Hirsutism.

Can Homeopathy Treat Hirsutism?

Choosing homeopathy over other treatments

In contrast to painful treatment modes such as electrolysis, laser therapy, and chemical hair removal, homeopathic medications can help treat Hirsutism to a great extent. It does focus on the conditions of the individual as well as the pathological condition. The medications are rather selected by an expert after a complete evaluation and case analysis that does include the physical as well as the mental constitution of the patient. The predisposition tendency of the patient is usually taken into consideration for treating chronic conditions.

How homeopathy helps in treating abnormal hair growth

The medicines suggested by the experts help reduce the harmful effects of the allopathic pills and treatments, and then the remedies act upon the different glands for making them work and optimally secrete hormones. The hormone levels tend to slowly come to normal and the treatment succeeds in creating a dynamic action in regulating as well as revitalizing. With the regulation of the hormone levels, the growth of the unwanted hair does lessen and finally helps reduce after regular treatment. It also helps in reducing the weight levels of the patient, which in turn reduces the androgen levels that cause excessive growth of hair. Also, homeopathic treatment helps in correcting the genetic predisposition of the disease which does prevent it from coming back. 


Homeopathic medicine can indeed help cure the root cause of Hirsutism by balancing the hormonal disturbance in one’s body. Homeopathic medicines such as Apis, Pulsatilla, Sepia, Lachesis, Thuja, Graphites, etc. are often made use of in the treatment of PCOS

Naturally, homeopathy can be useful in dealing with Hirsutism. Nevertheless, it is better to consult the doctor and seek his or her advice. Homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad are well versed in doing the needful treatment.

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