Can Homeopathic Treatment Cure Gangrene?

Can Homeopathic Treatment Cure Gangrene?

Gangrene can be treated at the best homeopathy hospitals in Telangana as well as homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad. Patients can make it point to visit them for relief.

People can opt for a homeopathic cure for gangrene. There is a popular homeopathic medicine for gangrene treatment. As homeopathy is a holistic treatment method it does prove to be useful for gangrene treatment.

Homeopathy hospitals in Telangana are well equipped to provide excellent gangrene treatment.

Gangrene is the death of a body tissue that occurs due to loss of blood supply or rather inadequate blood supply to the tissue.

Symptoms of Gangrene

  • Change in skin color to red or black
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Skin breakdown
  • Coolness

Homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad are well equipped to deal with such symptoms of gangrene.


Dry gangrene tends to develop in ischemic tissue, where the blood supply is rather inadequate to keep the tissue viable. It is not a disease by itself but happens to be a symptom of other diseases. Dry gangrene is often due to peripheral artery disease, but can also be due to acute limb ischemia. The limited oxygen in the ischemic limb limits putrefaction, as well as bacteria, does fail to survive. The affected part is dry, shrunken, and dark reddish-black. The line of separation usually tends to bring about complete separation, with eventual falling off of the gangrenous tissue if it is not removed surgically, a process called auto-amputation.


In wet gangrene, the tissue is rather infected by saprogenic microorganisms, which cause the tissue to swell and emit a fetid smell. Wet gangrene usually tends to develop rapidly on account of a blockage of venous (mainly) or arterial blood flow. The affected part is saturated with stagnant blood, which does promote the rapid growth of bacteria. The toxic products formed by bacteria are rather absorbed, causing the systemic manifestation of sepsis and finally death. The affected part happens to be edematous, soft, putrid, rotten, and dark.


Gas gangrene happens to be a bacterial infection that does produce gas within tissues. Infection does spread rapidly as the gases produced by the bacteria expand as well as infiltrate healthy tissue in the vicinity.

Homeopathy treatment for Gangrene

Homeopathy is no doubt a popular holistic system of medicine. The selection of homeopathic medicine for gangrene is rather based upon the theory of individualization as well as symptom similarity by making use of a holistic approach. This happens to be the only way via which a state of complete health can achieve by removing all the signs as well as symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The main aim of homeopathic medicine for gangrene is not only to treat one’s gangrene symptoms but also to address its underlying cause as well as individual susceptibility.

There are several remedies to treat gangrene much based upon the cause, sensations as well as modalities of the complaints. For individualized remedy selection cum treatment, the patient needs to consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person.

Can Homeopathic Treatment Cure Gangrene?

Homeopathic medicines for Gangrene

Arsenic Album- This is useful for dry gangrene.

Bromium – Helps treat hospital gangrene and cancerous ulcers on the face and also stony glands of the lower jaw and throat.

Carbo Veg- This is useful for senile and humid gangrene in persons who happen to be cachectic in appearance.

Bothrops- This is for swollen, cold with hemorrhagic infiltration and livid as well as malignant erysipelas.

Echinacea- This is useful for gangrene enlarged lymphatics, old tibial ulcers, gangrene, recurrent boils, carbuncles.

Lachesis- This is for gangrenous ulcers, gangrene after injury, bluish or black-looking blisters.

Homeopathy hospitals in Hyderabad do ensure that patients suffering from gangrene are treated well. 

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