Treatment of Bell's palsy

Bell’s palsy: Causes homeopathic treatment, and symptoms

What is Bell’s Palsy?

Facial paralysis is referred to as Bell’s palsy. One of the sides of the face gets paralysis. Facial muscles become weak and one side of the face is affected.

The facial nerve does originate in one’s brain which controls the muscles of one’s head, neck as well as facial expressions. It also helps in the secretion of tears as well as saliva.

This health condition affects man as well as women and has no age bar and has no specific affinity one side of the face. One in 65 people does suffer from Bell’s palsy once in their given lifetime. The disorder most commonly affects just one nerve ( mononeuropathy) thus making it a common cause for acute facial paralysis.

Symptoms of Bell’s palsy

The effect can be from mild weakness to total paralysis. The

symptoms are:

1. Moderate to severe weakness of facial muscles (one of both sides)
2. Paralysis of facial muscles
3. Difficulty in drinking, chewing, eating as well as blowing
4. Twitching
5. Weakness
6. Headache
7. Giddiness
8. Discomfort or pain in the jaw or behind the ear on the affected side
9. Ringing in one ear
10. Loss of taste
11. Increased sensitivity to various noise in one’s ear of the affected part
12. Drooling of saliva
13. Drooping eyelid or corner of one’s mouth
14. Dryness of eye mouth.
15. Excessive tear formation in one eye.

It is but obvious facial distortion is there in Bell’s palsy.

Causes of Bell’s Palsy

There are several causes although the exact reason is no known such as:

1. Viral infection: Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-1) is a virus which causes 70% of Bell’s palsy:
2. Lyme Disease ( bacterial infection transmitted by tick bites)
3. Trauma or even injury to one’s facial nerve.

Treatment of Bell’s palsy

There are drugs available for treating Bell’s Palsy One can tale Ibuprofen and also go in for physiotherapy. Surgical processes such as decompression are there and one needs to make use of dark glasses. Homeopathic treatment is also very beneficial like one can make use of homeopathic medicines such as Belladonna, Causticum, Cocculus and so forth.

Most people do improve after about 2 weeks. One’s complete recovery is after the first two weeks. Complete recovery is usually seen 3 to 7 months. Some do take longer complete recovery 9 months to about a year. One can go in for Ayurvedic treatment as well as that is also very effective. These remedies are natural and pure and are vegetarian in nature. These are free from chemicals and preservatives, additives and any side-effects as well. One has to make some dietary changes.

Physiotherapy can indeed be of much help to recover from Bell’s palsy. Physiotherapy also does play an important role in negating potential complications after a paralysis. Although the process of rehabilitation can indeed take time, it does produce significant results for a patient to continue with it until full recovery. The recovery, of course, depends on the type of paralysis a person has undergone.

Homeopathy provides exceptional treatment for Bell’s palsy. Homeopathic medicines safely and surely provide relief from the symptoms of Bell’s palsy. At Dr Ankireddy, We provide Homeopathic treatment for Bell’s palsy  and treated with well experienced and best homeopathy doctors in Hyderabad

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    claire Anderson
    • Hi Claire, Homoeopathy is one of the best options for Bell’s Palsy. Why because long term usage of corticosteroids and antiviral drugs for Bell’s Palsy will affect vision, gastrointestinal tract, joints etc. With simple facial exercises and indicated Homeopathy medicines you will get complete relief. We have excellent treatments for all acute and chronic diseases without any side effects. Please call on +918885920000 for more details. A Healthy outside starts from the inside. Stay Healthy with one of the “Best Homeopathic treatments” @ Dr. AnkiReddy’s clinic.

      Dr. Vijaya

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