Behcet's disease to be treated by homeopathy

Behcet’s disease to be treated by homeopathy

The best homeopathic hospital in Hyderabad is well equipped to treat Behcet’s disease. It is advisable to consult the best homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad.

Behcet’s disease is an auto-immune inflammatory disease that affects the blood vessels. The typical presentation of it is in the form of ulcers affecting the mouth and uvea.

Behcet’s disease is no doubt common in the Middle East, Japan, as well as Asia; Turkey, in fact, has the highest prevalence of Behcet’s disease. Therefore, it is well understood that this disease condition was first observed by a Turkish physician Hulusi Behçet. Globally, males are more commonly affected than females. The symptoms can start to appear at any age, although they tend to usually appear between 20 and 30 years of age.

It is better to visit the best homeopathic hospital in Hyderabad for proper treatment of Behcet’s disease. 

The disease has several signs and symptoms that appear unrelated to start with. They can include mouth sores, eye inflammation, skin rashes as well as lesions, and genital sores.

Treatment is via medications to reduce the signs and symptoms of Behcet’s disease to prevent serious complications, such as blindness.

Risk Factors

1. Age

Behcet’s disease does affect men and women in their 20s and 30s, though children and older adults also can develop the condition

2. Place 

People from China, Japan, and Iran are indeed more likely to develop Behcet’s.

3. Sex

Behcet’s disease occurs in both men and women.


The cause is yet unknown; but it is understood that it is immune-mediated, whereby the immune system rather mistakenly attacks the blood vessels. 


The symptoms of Behcet’s disease are much dependent on the affected body area. The presentation varies from patient to patient.

1.  Recurrent and painful mouth sores

2.  Genital sores Skin sores

3.  Inflammatory eye disease (Uveitis) causing pain, redness, and blurring of vision in one or both eyes.

4.  Joint pain, swelling, stiffness, especially affecting large joints of the lower extremities, ankles, as well as wrists.

5.  Behcet’s disease does affect the gastrointestinal tract thus giving rise to recurrent abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea with or without blood

6.  CNS involvement is most commonly occurring as chronic meningoencephalitis, thus producing seizures, dizziness, headaches, confusion, or memory loss.

7.  Pericarditis happens to be a frequent cardiac manifestation.

Conventional Treatment

The conventional treatment includes symptomatic relief and palliation.

1.   Steroidal applications for oral as well as genital ulcers

2.  Corticosteroid eye drops for Uveitis

3.  Immuno-suppressants (Methotrexate, Cyclosporine, Azathioprine, Thalidomide)

4.  NSAIDs, colchicine for Arthralgia

5.  Anesthetics, pain killers for pain relief

Homeopathy for Behcet

Behcet’s disease, being an immune-mediated condition, does require immunity correction. Other immune diseases, affecting the mouth, genitals, and uvea respond well to homeopathy, so it is good to assume that homeopathy may treat well Behcet’s disease. Best homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad can be consulted for such treatment.

Homeopathic treatment does focus on the patient as a person as well as a pathological condition. It can cure the root cause of the disorder.

Behcet's disease to be treated by homeopathy

Few homeopathic remedies are

 1. Hamamelis

2. Puls

 3. Lach

 4. Carb V

Medicines should be used under medical supervision.

Homeopathy has indeed helped many and it is worth treating Behcet’s Disease with it. It is very effective and has no adverse effects. Medicines based upon classical homeopathic medicines are prescribed. These medicines retard the recurrence of the disease as it reaches the root cause of the disease. Thus the body is brought back into harmony.

Best homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad who happen to be a team of highly qualified, exclusively well trained, and empathetic towards the patients’ condition do a good job of treating Behcet’s disease.

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