Looking for the best homeopathic medicine, please prescribe medications/Liquids for OCD

Below are the details of things he does.

1.in the house he had certains spots which he doesn’t touch or let any one of us touch that spot or object.plus he can’t even see that objects….he gets anxiety even if some one walks close to it.

2.he wears gloves for touching anything ,while eating also…doesn’t use bare hands for anything….only while taking bath he takes of his gloves.

3.Doesnt use fan or A/C AS he doesn’t want the air or wind to touch him.he gets anxiety even if wind blows from Windows…

4.he doesn’t let anyone enter his room or his bathroom he cleans it himself wearing gloves plus doesn’t touch bad spots in his room.it is been a year since any one entered his room.

5.he gets suicide thoughts too…he tells I. In constant pain and anxiety…it will be better if I end my life.

Please help us to get him rid of OCD

Waiting for your positive reply

nagendra Changed status to publish July 16, 2019