Hi sir, I am abrar 26 years old. I am confused that I have  gynecomastia or not but since I was 10 years old my nipples are puffy and i have fat around nipples and I feel very depressed and embarrassed wearing T-shirts it look very awkward. Please tell what treatment I have to take to get rid of puffy nipples.I have thyroid disorders also but it is hypothyroidism.once I have consulted to doctor for the complaint of puffy nipples and fat around chest he said “you have gynecomastia and you need a surgery to get rid of it”.

Have been said the hypothyroidism patients do not have gynecomastia but, gynecomastia can be happened by hyperthyroidism.

Is there any treatment for gynecomastia in homeopathy? Will it really cure gynecomastia without surgery?sir please tell me what I can do to get rid of gynecomastia?

Dr. Vijaya Answered question June 29, 2021