Anal Ulcer: Causes, Symptoms and Homeopathic Treatment

Anal Ulcer: Causes, Symptoms and Homeopathic Treatment

An anal fissure happens to be a small tear in the thin, moist tissue (mucosa) that actually lines up the anus. 90% of fissures are indeed formed along the posterior midline of one’s anal canal.

It may also occur when one does pass hard or large stools during one’s bowel movement.

The anal fissure may, in fact, be noticed by bright red blood that does appear on the surface of the stool. In acute condition, they do cause severe pain after passing one’s stools.

Causes of Anal Ulcer:

The most common cause of the fissure in the anus is CONSTIPATION. Chronic constipation on account of several reasons (such as habitual, drug-induced, pregnancy and so on) does lead to recurring abrasion or forceful rubbing of the anal mucosa, which tends to lead to a fissure.

• Spasm of the internal sphincter has indeed also been incriminated to cause anal fissure/fissures.

• When there is too much skin that has been removed during an operation for hemorrhoids (piles), anal stenosis can result, on account of which an anal fissure or rather fissures tend to develop when a hard stool is passed through such a stricture.

Homeopathy Treatment for Anal fissures:Less common causes of Anal Ulcer are:

• The aftermath of bouts of diarrhea or following passage of bulky stools rather very quickly that too among children.
• Multiple pregnancies.
• Chronic usage of laxatives.
• Rarely, a fissure may be the manifestation of underlying diseases such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and so forth.
• Surgery for piles (hemorrhoids) is done imperfectly.

Symptoms of Anal Ulcer:

• Pain during defecation
• Constipation
• Dull aching pain after one passes stools.
• Severe spasm of the anal sphincter
• Blood streaks on one’s stool
• Discharge, swelling and pruritus ani (anal itching) occur, especially with chronic fissures
• Chronic as well as the deep nonhealing fissure.
• Recurrence of the fissure.
• Persistent discomfort and pain.
• Skin tag around the anus.

Among whom are they common?

• Anal fissures are indeed very common in young infants but also can affect people of any age.

Homeopathy Treatment for Anal fissures:

Nitric Acid –for painful, bleeding anal fissure

This is indeed a popular medication for anal fissures. It aids violent anal pains, bleeding that one suffers while passing stool and constipation. The pains can also be cutting or even tearing in nature. Bleeding with the stool is of bright red color. A stool is passed with much strain and it also tears the anus even if it is rather soft.
Ratanhia –for anal fissure with lasting pain in anus after passing


This is frequently prescribed medication when one suffers from pain in the anus that does last for several hours after one passes one’s stool. Burning in the anus as well as in the rectum does appear along with the pain. One feels the onus is on fire. One can get some relief by applying cold water. Along with suffering from burning pains, one also faces anus getting constricted. Other symptoms that require Ratanhia are sharp splinter-sort of pain and also knife-like stitching pain in one’s rectum. Passing of stool does involve a lot of strain as well as pain

Graphites –for anal fissure with large, difficult, constipated stool

This is for constipated, large, difficult stool. The stool does tear the anus while defecating. There is soreness in the area. Smarting and soreness in the anus are indeed present for several hours both while passing one’s stool and also after passing stool. Graphites help in providing much relief from constipation as well as anal pain while healing the cuts as well as tears in the anus.

Paeonia – for anal fissure with itching and offensive discharge

It helps treat anal fissure that causes anal itching and tends to ooze offensive discharge. One suffers from biting and itching as well as excruciating pain is present in one’s anus. The pains can continue for some hours after one passes a stool. Other complaints do include offensive moisture and cracks in one’s anus. The anus does appear swollen, torn as well as ulcerated in some such cases.

Thuja – for anal fissure that is very tender

This is the useful remedy for fissures that is intensely tender. The anal fissure with pain tends to get worse with the slightest touch and also when one sits down. Constipation and rectal pains are also well marked. The stool is also passed with much effort and with violent rectal pains. One suffers from swelling, stitching and burning pain.

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