Acid Reflux Home Remedies

Effective Acid Reflux Home Remedies for Instant Relief

Acid reflux is a common condition that causes a burning sensation in the chest or throat due to stomach acid flowing back into the esophagus. Acid reflux home remedies are useful for relief.

The good news is, there are several fantastic foods that can support one’s efforts to resolve acid reflux. These include bone broth, fermented vegetables, dark leafy vegetables, kombucha, artichokes, asparagus, cucumbers, pumpkin, squash, wild-caught fish, healthy fats such as avocado, almonds, etc.

It is worth knowing more about acid reflux home remedies and trying them out for relief from discomfort.

For relief, a few effective strategies:

  1. Eat Sparingly and Slowly:
    • When one’s stomach is very full, there is indeed a higher chance of reflux into the esophagus. Consider eating smaller and more frequent meals instead of three large ones.
  2. Avoid Certain Foods:
    • Few foods are more likely to trigger reflux. These do include:
      • Mint                 
        Acid Reflux Home Remedies

        Acid Reflux Image

      • Tomatoes
      • Fatty foods
      • Spicy food
      • Onions
      • Garlic
      • Coffee
      • Tea
      • Chocolate
      • Alcohol
  1. Trying to eliminate these foods from one’s diet to see if it help control one’s reflux helps. 
  2. Avoid Drink Carbonated Beverages:
    • Carbonated drinks can indeed cause burping, which does send acid into the esophagus. Opting for flat water instead of sparkling water.
  3. Staying Upright After Eating is Good:
    • When standing or sitting, gravity does help keep acid in a person’s stomach where it belongs. Finish eating at least three hours prior to bedtime.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV):
    • ACV happens to be a gentle acid-producing drink that can indeed help increase stomach acid production if one’s levels are low. Mix a teaspoon of ACV with water and also drink it prior to meals.
  5. Herbal Remedies:
    • Consider soothing one’s esophagus and GI tract with the help of herbal remedies such as aloe vera and also slippery elm.

It is essential to consult with a healthcare professional if the individual’s experience happens to be chronic acid reflux or if his or her symptoms worsen. These healthcare professionals can provide personalized advice and also recommend appropriate treatments.

Acid Reflux Home Remedies

Acid Reflux

Contrary to what a person is told, more often than not, acid reflux is due to having too little stomach acid, not too much. If too little stomach acid is produced, food as well as acid will linger in the stomach, delaying the emptying of one’s stomach. The longer food sits in the individual’s stomach, the higher the risk of irritation to the stomach, resulting in a heartburn sensation.

Of course, acid reflux can indeed occur when there is high stomach acidity (a condition known as hyperchlorhydria); but for several people, it is because the stomach does not produce enough acid (known as hypochlorhydria). When treated by medication, the production of acid in one’s stomach is reduced; the problem often gets worse because it causes even less acid production. This can rather result in nutrient and also protein deficiencies, malabsorption, and many more..

A person can fear eating one’s next meal as it is probably going to cause heartburn; the person wakes up during the night as laying down causes a burning sensation in the chest; and, he or she is fed up with antacids that do nothing but temporarily cover up the health issue. Many do suffer from acid reflux and it can indeed affect one’s every day.


 While antacids can rather help in curbing the burn at the moment, they will reappear and the costs are adding up with no resolution. The good news is there are several natural, easy, and also affordable acid reflux remedies that do help to address the root cause.

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