Dr. Ankireddy completed a Bachelor of Homeopathy [BHMS] From Rajeev Gandhi University (Bangalore), Post Graduation in Alternate medicine from Bangalore, M.D from Knowledge park greater Noida Delhi, M.S [Psychiatry Counseling] from Karnataka, and P.G Homeopathy from West London University [UK]

He is the person who learned ICR [INSTITUTION OF CLINICAL RESEARCH] Dhawale @ Bangalore.

  • Dr. Ankireddy started his practice three decades ago year of after year with his vast Educational Background and the Zealousness to learn and Empathy towards Suffering Humanity, he has his unique methodology. He is a soft-hearted physician, and teacher,  he did constantly research and uplifted homeopathy, especially in south India with a strong promoter of Homeopathy to lakhs of families through interviews on Television and Articles in News Papers and Other Promotional Activities.
  • He is the person’s backbone to starting the corporate homeopathy clinics in all parts of South India and booth a lot of popularity. He started his carrier working through many senior stalwarts he is a staunch follower of predictive homeopathy.
  • He strives for new knowledge& always he is a learner, he still, attends Seminars, Courses and he is now preparing for a Ph.D. in Homeopathy.
  • He is the Ex-director of Homeocare International and Director of the Star Homeopathy and Ferty9 chain of Infertility clinics. He worked with the organization on the clinical and research side for more than two decades and he was the Joint Secretary for the Indian Institute of Homeopathic Physicians and General Secretary for Predictive Homeopathy. He is a teacher presented many papers in Homeopathic Seminars Nationally & Internationally, he is a member of the Indian Psycho Therapy & Counseling Association.
  • He is an Innovative Researcher who worked with the team and new formulas with a unique homeopathic approach for deep-seated chronic diseases and used for lakhs of the patient in his clinic and incorporate clinics. Worked with drug proving and developed a new set of medicines for autoimmune and chronic diseases.
  • He devoted some time to free services and participated in many health camps for and past 18 years giving free service at Venkateswara Devastan.
  • He is a Consultant for many Corporate Health Clinics, he got many Awards for his services and he was felicitated a number of times for his Care, Service & Empathy.


He started working with many stalwarts and gurus in different parts of India and abroad with their teaching and knowledge he formulated a unique gentle speedy approach called “ETERNAL HOMEOPATHY”.


He has written many articles in Telugu, Kannada and Tamil, and English Papers. Many Articles were published in all South Indian languages to propagate how homeopathy is safe and to reach the metros to the village and rich to poor with hundreds of articles in different Magazines and News Papers. The Internet and Website Papers promoted Homeopathy to the status of Public.


He has given interviews on all major Telugu & Kannada News and TV Channels.


Dr. Ankireddy’s (Sneha Homeopathy Clinic) includes homeopathy as a combination of psychology, communications, and medical “Art”. Here the doctors are able to get close to people, deeply understand and address their psychological and physical, economic & social problems.

Dr. Ankireddy’s clinic treats Chronic, deep-seated health problems from colds to cancer, an autoimmune disorder with his own approach. Dr. Ankireddy’s (Sneha Homeopathy Clinic is the ocean with Astonishing unbelievable results, here Miracles will happen every day of “Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, Infertility, Thyroid, Testimonials Before & After”.

Here we provide Homeopathy Medicine a safe, natural system of medicine that works with your body to restore overall balance – relieving symptoms and promoting long-term good health.

Here we provide Homeopathy remedies that include minimum doses and are gentle, subtle, and powerful. They are non-addictive and safe for all ages from pregnant women and newborns to the elderly. More than 90000 cases and Lakhs of patients benefited from treatment provided by Sneha Homeopathy Clinic.

Sneha Homeopathy Our Only Mission


We stick to the Great Principle of “ETERNAL HOMEOPATHY.”



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