8 Symptoms of Infertility-Related Depression and Anxiety

8 Symptoms of Infertility-Related Depression and Anxiety

One often gets focused on infertility and there are moments when one goes to sleep and wakes up thinking about getting pregnant. This could be infertility-related depression or anxiety.

Infertility may have hijacked one’s life.

Infertility is emotionally as well as physically exhausting. Studies have found that the emotional stresses women with infertility face are indeed similar to cancer and cardiac patients. One must not ignore such reactions.

1. Thinking about fertility all day long

It is normal to think of infertility when one wants to get pregnant and is find it difficult to do so.

Often thoughts center on treatment processes.

One often finds it difficult to talk about something other than infertility. Concentration becomes a problem.

2. Suffering from guilt

One suffers from guilt if one has infertility problems and that could affect one’s relationship with one’s partner. One feels guilty that one is unable to start a family early. Often the woman or the man blames herself or himself for the given situation.

One also feels guilty one has contracted a sexually transmitted infection which is causing infertility issues.

3. One feels worthless or ashamed

Often a partner feels not worthy of love or ashamed if they suffer from an infertility problem. One may worry that their partner may leave. Often one has to go in for professional counseling.

4. Persistent feelings of sadness

One often feels sad or depressed about being infertile and not being able to conceive. It is normal to feel sad if one is infertile and one must feel positive that there are medical solutions. Sadness that last long and cannot be got over and affects one’s daily life activities is referred to as depression.

5. Social Isolation

One often feels isolated and a sense of aloneness is there if one does not have children. One tends to avoid pregnant women or birthday parties or other social events as one feels guilty about not being able to get pregnant. They feel being childless is a curse. One feels lonely and ends up feeling depressed.

6. Do not enjoy other activities

Depression can make feel uninterested in social activities as well as getting involved in other things. Not being able to conceive affects one mentally. One does not find pleasure in their daily activities and feels tired easily. One does not want to take on hobbies which keep one busy and active. One perception towards life also changes and one becomes more negative in approach.

7. Feeling anxious and panic attacks out infertility issues

One worries a lot in case one is unable to get pregnant and feels anxious about not getting pregnant. The panic attacks are quite frequent and this causes much discomfort.

8. Get angry and irritable

One gets very irritable and angry and this causes further isolation and many people tend to avoid such people. Depression causes irritability. One also feels nervous about issues and this results in anger and irritable.

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