7 Important Homeopathic Remedies for Coughs

Winter is slowly setting in and naturally, one is exposed to colds and coughs quite often. One tries to find solutions and appropriate medication to deal with these common coughs and colds and homeopathy medicines can be of help.

There are several of such remedies but we could have look at some of them. Here are a few homeopathic remedies for coughs.


Coughing at night can be a major problem and cause sleepless nights. Even in the mornings and evenings, these coughs can be frustrating indeed. The first thing one would think of is getting rid of them. A cough causes soreness of throat and congestion in the chest. One experiences sticky eye irritation, a stuffy nose at night that is running in the morning hours, minor fever, thick and greenish mucus. One can take Pulsatilla which does help in curing the irritable symptoms.

Nux Vomica:

In case, one is suffering from a suffocating cough and has flu or cold and suffers from extreme chilliness then one can take Nux Vomica. It helps in treating soreness and headache, irritability, sensitivity to light and noise along with other symptoms. It also helps in treating emotional reactions to coughs such as impatience, impulsiveness, aggression, restlessness and so forth.

Kali Bich:

Stubborn as well as a nagging cough. Kali bich. can treat the sticky and smelly mucus. Mucus forms in the nose and fills up the sinuses thus causing the nose to drip along with hoarseness and pain at the root end of the nose. A cough initially occurs very dry but over time becomes more productive especially after a walk in fresh air. Accumulation of mucus overnight makes the mornings become a torment of blocked nasal passages with stubborn hacking, hawking, gagging and coughing. It is advisable to make use of Kali bich.


One may at times experience a painful cough and it would be better to use Bryonia. It helps treat body aches and colds and dryness of throat as well as fever. It also cures symptoms such as the need to drink more water, irritability, and chills.


One can make use of Phosphorus to treat a raw throat and congestion in the chest colds. Body trembling, labored breathing and tightness of the chest can be relieved with the help of Phosphorus. If one gets exposed to cold air one can suffer from a cough. Even cold drinks can cause it. One finds the hoarseness of throat very irritating.

Hepar Sulph

One feels the chill very irritating and on account of it suffers from cold. Chilliness and yellow phlegm also result on account of exposure to cold weather and one experience sinus pressure on account of splinter-like throats. Cold dry wind, walking, even exposure of any body part from under the covers can provoke this changing cough that runs from a barking dry hoarse cough to loose, rattling/choking coughing. The individuals needing Hepar Sulph most lack internal heat are easily offended and become sensitive to rudeness or causes. Also, other side effects of coughing can be impulsiveness, general irritability, and sensitivity to cold which can be cured by Hepar Sulph.

Natrum Mur:

One suffers from a dry cough and this can be cured by using of Natrum Mur. Colds and congestions indeed irritate a person suffering from them and would like relief from them. Whitish mucus gets formed. A cough can get bad during the morning hours. In the nights also it can cause much discomfort. Why suffer in this manner? Simply take Natrum mur and get rid of such nagging symptoms. Headaches can also be cured by it. Emotionally, one can overcome stress– suppressed grief, heartbreaks and humiliations, sadness, irritability, anger, occasional sleeplessness and haunting memories that tend to bug a person. Deep cracks in one’s lower lip and the desire for salty foods does indicate that one needs to take Natrum Mur.

Other remedies one can take are Drosera, Dulcamara, Gelsemium, Ipecac, Spongia, and Sulphur.

Why worry about a cough?

Get rid of it with the help of homeopathy. These homeopathy medicines that have been mentioned above can provide much relief from nagging symptoms. Homeopathy is fast catching on and many are opting for it to get cured of various illnesses.

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  • Hi Sir,
    I am suffering from cough from 10 days I taken medicine but also it was not curing, can you suggest me some remedies to cure it.

    Ram Kumar

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