7 Homeopathy for Menstrual Pains

Menstrual cramps and pains can be quite disturbing and distressing. One experiences debilitating pain at times and becomes bed-ridden or rather is not able to do daily chores.

During and prior to menstruation one suffers from much discomfort which can be unbearable at times. Those who have to work find it difficult even carrying daily chores becomes a big burden. It is but natural one wants to seek relief from this pain and one can try out homeopathy as it has become a very popular stream of medicine nowadays.

Much discomfort one experiences during menstruation. Women want relief from it.

What discomfort?

  • Mood swings.
  • Fatigue.
  • Irritability.
  • Headaches.
  • Cramps.
  • Stomach pain.
  • Body aches.

Many have preferred to go in for homeopathy medicine as they feel it is very effective and convenient. Here are few popular homeopathy medicines for treating menstrual discomfort.

Homeopathy medicines for menstrual cramps:

Belladonna (Deadly Nightshade)

It is useful for throbbing pelvic pain which is very bad on the right side. It is beneficial for clotted menstrual flow.

A feeling that pelvic organs will fall out.

Feeling thirsty or no thirst at all is another symptom for which this medicine helps.

Feeling of the uterus being full from the congested blood.

Cactus Grandifolia (Night-Blooming Cereus)

This can be made use of for pain in the abdomen area. One can also get relief from severe menstrual pains. Throbbing pain in one’s ovary can be relieved. One also suffers from the lumpy menstrual flow.


One suffers from intense labor like menstrual pain and this gives much relief. It provides much relief from irritability as well.

Cimicifuga (Black cohosh)

One suffers from spasmodic pains in one’s uterus. One also suffers from heaviness in one’s back. It treats heavy menstrual flow as well.

Colocynthis (Bitter Apple)

It cures cramping pain. One also suffers from irritability. One is angry a lot. Naturally, this medicine helps cure these symptoms.


One suffers from menstrual pains before one’s period. One feels grumpy. One also feels very weak. This medicine helps cure these symptoms along with many more.

Nux Vomica

One experiences cramps throughout one’s body. One is impatient and angry. One suffers from swelling of the labia. Nux Vomica provides much relief from these symptoms.


Menstrual pain can cause much irritation and one would like immediate relief. Off-the-counter drugs are there but one can avoid these and go in for homeopathic treatment.

Trained and professional homeopathic doctors are available who have the required expertise to provide the required medicines for menstrual discomfort. One can visit the local homeopathic clinic and get the required treatment for immediate relief.

All over the world homeopathy has become a very popular form of medicine and several patients are going for it as it has no side-effects. It is a safe form of medical treatment and is very convenient to make use of. One must have faith in it for good results and it does show good results.

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