7 Common Monsoon Diseases and Homeopathic Treatment

7 Common Monsoon Diseases and Homeopathic Treatment

Monsoon gives much pleasure but one also suffers from health issues such as cold, fever and dengue and so forth. Such health issues can be treated with homeopathic medicines.

Monsoon time means a fever, coughs colds. Rainy weather can be indeed bothersome to one’s health. There is a change in temperature. Naturally one suffers from a host of health issues. Flies and mosquitoes do appear in the house and cause serious infections.

7 Common Monsoon Diseases and Homeopathic TreatmentThese monsoon health issues can cause much discomfort and do require immediate medical attention. One can consult the best homeo doctor in Hyderabad. 

The monsoons do of course bring relief from the scorching heat during the summers but a person is exposed to various maladies. Every monsoon season, the risk of catching various diseases is extremely high due to unhygienic conditions and not adhering to basic preventive measures. Many of these monsoon diseases remain undiagnosed until they tend to progress to undesirable complications. It is important to go in for early diagnosis and treatment of such diseases in the rainy season. 

Here are a few health issues that occur during monsoon season:

1. Cold and cough : 

Sneezing, runny nose, headache, and sore throat are indeed few of the common symptoms which can affect any age group during monsoon season. Tough indeed as the affected person has to come up with these health issues, which can be minor in nature to start with but can lead to further complications.

2. Typhoid :  

This happens to be one of the epidemics during monsoon due to contaminated food and water with bacteria. In typhoid fever, the most common symptom happens to be prolonged fever, severe pain in the abdomen with diarrhea/ constipation and headache.

3. Malaria and Dengue : 

Malaria and Dengue are other common monsoon diseases on account of mosquitoes. There is fever, bouts of shivering, headache, weakness, muscle pains, etc. in Dengue, there can be a characteristic skin rash.

4. Hepatitis A and E :

Hepatitis is also another common monsoon disease due to contaminated food and water which spread through the feco-oral route. For this health issue as well, the patient can consult the best homeo doctor in Hyderabad. 

5. Fungal infections :

This is a common occurrence during the monsoons because of constant dampness. The moisture present in the environment does help the fungi to grow and thrive, mostly in skin folds such as the groins or between the toes.

6. Gastroenteritis :

Infection of GI tract due to bacteria or virus does bring on vomiting, stomach ache, diarrhea or dysentery. Monsoon also does bring diseases such as conjunctivitis, tonsillitis, earache, pneumonia, diarrhea, dysentery, vomiting.

7. Influenza (Cold and Flu) :

The common cold is one of the most commonly occurring health problems during the monsoon season. It is a very contagious disease due to the spread of the virus in the air which does infect the upper respiratory tract and it thus affects the nose and the throat. Symptoms involve the runny or stuffy nose, body ache, throat irritation and soreness as well as fever. It is always advisable to consult a physician and get the required medicines prescribed for getting cured of the infection

The best way to prevent the common cold is to have a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet regular which will develop the immune system of the body and improves body resistance.

Certain rubrics from repertory with monsoon ailments :

  •  Complaints before rainy weather
  •  Heavy rain
  •  Fever after getting wet in the rain
  •  Rheumatic pain in joints 
  •  Cough after getting wet
  •  Cough after getting feet wet: Nux-m
  •  Respiratory troubles from getting wet: Phos, Sepia
  •  Asthma wet weather: ant-t. ars. aur. DULC. Med. Nat-s. thuj. verat.
  •  COPD: ars. Dulc. Mang. Sil.
  •  Hoarseness after getting wet: Rhus-t

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