30 Homeopathic medicines for memory loss

30 Homeopathic medicines for memory loss

Memory power weakens with age and sometimes even children suffer from weak memory and face problems at school. Homeopathy treatment is available to deal with this loss of memory health issue.

1. Aconitum nap (Thrice a day):

Usually, one does not remember dates as well as events and tends to forget telephone number just when about to start dialing although he or she may have the number in the directory.

2. Aethusa cyn (Thrice a day):

One has no interest in remembering things.

3. Agaricus mus (Thrice a day):

It is suited for children who forget their lessons and who are usually referred to as stupid children.

4. Agbus castus (Thrice a day) as well as Acidum Phos (Thrice a day and Staphysagria (Thrice a day) which is very beneficial for memory loss on account of sexual excesses as well as masturbation.

5. Ailanthus g. (Thrice a day):

One tends to forget what has spoken just a while ago.

6. Ambria grisea (Thrice a day):

An old man not being able to remember even simple words. He or she changes rather irrelevantly from one subject to another.

7. Anacardium ori (Thrice a day):

Good for loss or weak memory that one suffers after facing small-pox or chickenpox. Just remembers now and then forgets immediately. The patient is depressed as well as irritable.

8. Argentum nit (Thrice day):

The patient is rather absent-minded and has a poor memory.

9. Aurum Met (Thrice a day):

Absent-mindedness and the patient do appear to be listless and apathetic.

10.Baryta carb (Thrice a day):

Absent-mindedness in old people and impairment of memory on account of age.

11. Camphora (Thrice a day):

It is the loss of memory after rather hysterical attacks.

12.Cannabis and. (Thrice a day):

One is very forgetful. One forgets what one has spoken and also what he has to say. Also forgets where he or she has kept his or her glasses five minutes back.

13.Cocculus ind. (Thrice a day):

The mind is distracted and one is easily worried.

14. Conium mac (Thrice Day):

One suffers from absent-mindedness, debility as well as hypochondria as well as poor memory that is accompanied by several disorders of the urinary tract as well as sexual weakness.

15.Digitalis (Thrice a day):

Thinking is rather difficult and one forgets everything.

16.Glonoinum (Thrice day):

One forgets the name of his or her street as well as the number or even location of his or her own where he has or she has been staying for a very long time. He or she gets lost even in familiar surroundings.

17. Kalium Brom (Thrice a day):

It involves absent mindedness and also impaired coordination. One experiences numbness as well as tingling in one’s limbs.

18. Lac can (Thrice a day):

One makes purchases and goes without picking them up. Also goes to the post office and comes back with the letter in his or her pocket. One cannot concentrate on studies or in fact on anything.

19. Lycopodium (Thrice a day):

This helps in weakness after an influenza attack. One uses the wrong words and is not able to express him or herself well. He or she commits a lot of mistakes in spelling as well as writing and dislikes any sort of mental work. This medication is good for old people.

20.Mancinella (Thrice a day):

Thoughts vanish suddenly and one suffers from wandering thoughts.

21. Mercurius sol (Thrice a day):

One suffers from absent mindedness with loss of usual willpower and suffers from weak memory.

22.Rhododendron ch. (Thrice a day):

Thoughts disappear suddenly. One omits words while actually writing

23.Rhus tox: (Thrice a day):

Incapable of continuous thoughts and also writes down incorrect figures. If one has to write 81 he or she will write 8 or 1.

24.Scutellaria lat: (Thrice a day):

One suffers from loss of memory or weakness of one’s memory power in people who are nervous.

25. Stramonium (Thrice a day):

one tends to use incorrect words in one’s talks as well as speech and no memory with regard to correct words.

26. Sulphur (One dose daily) one does not remember names as well as words.

27.Thyreoidinum 3x (Thrice a day):

Improves memory of patients with thyroid trouble.

28.Vanadium (Thrice a day):

This helps in increasing memory.

29.Zincum photos (Thrice a day):

This is good for mental weakness on account of weak memory. They cannot keep their legs still.

30.Kali Phos:

This is for weak memory following mental exertion

One can cure one’s memory health problem with homeopathic medicines.

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