“Empathy” “ Care” “ Service” and “Treatment”


Dr.Murali Anki Reddy completed a bachelor of homeopathy {bhms}from Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences{banglore},post-graduation in Alternate medicine from Bangalore, M.D from knowledge park greater Noida Delhi, M.S{psychiatry counseling}from Karnataka and P.G homeopathy from West London University[U.K]

Dr.Anki Reddy started his practice 3 decades ago year after year with vast Education Background and Empathy towards the suffering of humanity, he has a unique methodology. He is a soft-hearted physician. He did constant research and uplifted homeopathy, especially in south India. He started his carrier working through many senior stalwarts he is a follower of Predictive homeopathy. He is a consultant for many health clinics. He got many awards for his services. He believes in the principle of Eternal Homeopathy.




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Respected sir/madam, Hoping everyone fine. SNEHA HOMEOPATHY CLINIC extends service through direct consultation with Doctor

(DR MURALI ANKIREDDY SIR; DR KAPILA MAM; DR BHAVYA MAM). Call us on 88859 20000, 80744 98276, 90009 46000.