Are you suffering from health issues since many years? Are you confused about where to go, To whom to approach for your health problem? Here is the solution for your problem@Dr anki reddy homeopathy clinic.

The other systems of medication depend on the problem and diagnosis of diseases. we take disease symptoms and treat the person as a whole. we treat the diseases from head to toe also with mental illness too with conditions apply. homeopathy shows its miracles where other systems cant or fails to do.

We have a solution where the doctor suggested in some circumstances like operations, surgeries like kidney stones, tonsillitis, knee pains and knee replacements etc…where the patients economically poor and psychologically fearful to get operated. we take the disease reports like CBP, MRI, X-RAY REPORTS as well as whatever the reports the patients have and which are needful to the disease.

We take the patient complete case history and analysis what is the depth of the problem and speed and spread of the disease along with this we also notice the vital signs which also helps to know the disease condition.

Homeopathy limitations where the condition limits for 1st and 2nd stage of the disease. early diagnosis of the disease where it gives the patient good benefits. Here in our clinic we not only diagnose the disease but also we take the person as whole with Genetic constitution method where we take his physical, mental, his general symptoms/family history / any genetic history and find out Where exactly the cause of the disease and we eliminate the root cause of the disease with the wholistic genetic, constitutional and similimum approach.

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