10 Homeopathic Remedies for Tinnitus  

10 Homeopathic Remedies for Tinnitus  

For getting relief from Tinnitus it is advisable to approach the best homeopathic doctor. Patients can expect first-class treatment from best homeopathy  doctors.  

Tinnitus happens to be a condition with a constant ringing sound in one’s ear in the absence of an external source. It is not a serious condition and does improve gradually with treatment. It requires lab test or imaging. It is treatable by a medical professional. 

Best homeopathic doctor is well versed and experienced to treat this health issue. 

Homeopathy happens to be a gentle system of medicine that does treat diseases without any side effects.  The process of potentiating does help efficiently to remove all toxic properties and also enhances the medicinal properties of the drugs. 

Homeopathy also does focus on treating the person suffering from the disease and not the disorder. 

A well-qualified homeopathy will choose the correct remedy based  on the symptoms a person tends to show. The most common cause can be the damage to one’s inner ear. 

The common symptom is also false sensations of hearing sounds. Treatment does aim at reducing the severity of symptoms or even complications. It is rather treated by addressing the underlying causes such as removing earwax, treating high blood pressure or even blood vessel conditions, and also changing medications.

Homeopathic Remedies for Tinnitus   

Best homeopathy doctors can do wonders to treat Tinnitus.

Symptoms for Tinnitus

The symptoms include: 

  •   Thumping or perhaps  whooshing sound in one’s ear that often tend to  match with the heartbeat, other kinds of noises can also be heard such as ringing or perhaps even  clicking
  • Heart palpitations or feeling the heart beat faster
  • Light-headedness

Treatments for Tinnitus

Treatment also does aim at reducing the severity of symptoms or complications. It is rather treated by addressing the underlying causes such as removing earwax, treating high blood pressure or even blood vessel conditions, and also changing medications. 

Medical procedures:   Ear surgery

 Therapies for Tinnitus

 Sound therapy or tinnitus retraining as well as cognitive behavior therapy · Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) 

Causes of Tinnitus

  • Hearing loss in older people
  • Ear and sinus infections
  • Exposure to loud noises
  • Brain tumors
  • Heart or blood vessel problems
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Hormonal changes in women
  • Thyroid problems
  • Certain medicines

  Homeopathy for tinnitus does not indeed lead to any side effects on account of their extremely diluted nature.

Conventional drugs that do contain Tricyclic antidepressants are rather made use of to manage severe tinnitus as the side-effects of these can be debilitating.

 Few side effects do include blurred vision, heart problems, constipation, as well as dry mouth. Another commonly used drug is  alprazolam which helps reduce the symptoms of tinnitus, but it  also comes with side effects such as  nausea as well as drowsiness.

This drug also does cause dependency and can also be habit-forming.

 More about homeopathy treatment for Tinnitus…..

 Individualization does happen to be the key to homeopathy treatment. Every person is rather treated as a unique individual with their own set of symptoms rather than being classified into a category. 

In order to find the correct solution, it is essential to know the exact cause of the problem. In some cases, tinnitus does occur on account of a blockage or obstruction within the inner ear, while in others, it may perhaps be a side- effect  of a drug.

 These two cases cannot really be treated with a particular medicine. Individual treatment for every case seems to be required and this happens to be the basis of homeopathy. 

  1. KALI MUR- for tinnitus due to excessive buildup of mucus in the throat  
  2.  NATRUM SALICYCLICUM- for tinnitus due to Meniere’s disease
  3. CHENOPODIUM– for tinnitus synchronous with heartbeat
  4. GRAPHITES– for tinnitus with hissing and buzzing sounds
  5. CHININUM SULPH– for tinnitus with ringing sounds
  6. PETROLEUM- for tinnitus with ringing bell-like sound in the ear 
  7. S LICYCLICUM ACIDUM– for tinnitus with roaring sounds
  8. SILICEA-tinnitus after ear injuries
  9. MANGANUM– for tinnitus with whistling noises 
  10. BRYONIA ALBA– for right- sided tinnitus with stitching pain And several more……        

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