10 best homeopathic medicines for Alzheimer’s disease

10 best homeopathic medicines for Alzheimer’s disease

Homeopathic treatment is quite popular for Alzheimer’s disease. One can make use of effective homeopathic medicines to treat it. There are several clinics all over the world which provide expert consultations and treatment.

What is Alzheimer disease?

Alzheimer disease is a dementing illness that happens to be characterized by histological by neuritic plaques and tangles that are accompanied by neuronal cell loss.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease that actually destroys one’s memory and other important mental functions – the brain cells die causing the steady decline in the brain functioning.

It is considered the main common cause of dementia that is a group of brain disorders that does indeed result in the loss of intellectual as well as social skills. These changes are very severe enough to interfere with day-to-day life.

Causes of Alzheimer’s disease:

Family history and genetics

Risk of developing Alzheimer’s appears to be somewhat higher in case of a first-degree relative parent or sibling who has the disease.


Usually, after 60-65 the incidence does double for every 5-year increase in age.


Women are more likely as compared to men to develop Alzheimer’s disease, as they tend to live longer.

Mild cognitive impairment

People who suffer from mild cognitive impairment and have memory problems or other symptoms of cognitive decline that are rather worse than might actually be expected for their age, but not as severe enough to be diagnosed as dementia.

Past head trauma

People who have had a severe head oriented trauma or repeated head oriented trauma do appear to have a greater risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
Brain changes also do occur in Alzheimer’s disease that can affect the way one’s acts and how one’s feelings.

Symptoms of Alzheimer:

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Mood swings
• Irritability and aggressiveness
• Social withdrawal
• Distrust in others
• Irritability and aggressiveness
• Wandering
• Changes in sleeping habits
• Hyper morality
• Wandering
• Loss of inhibitions
• Delusions, such as believing something has been stolen
• Aggression
• Hypomania
• Agitation
• Hypersexuality

Homeopathic Medicines for Alzheimer’s disease:

Nux Vomica

They tend to find fault with everything and everybody and also extreme sensitiveness to the words as well as the attention of others, inclined to kill his or her best friends and wants to commit suicide but is also too cowardly to do so. He or she is very irritable, quarrelsome as well as vindictive.


There is no sense of decency and filthy in body with groveling mentality. One has also great weakness of memory as well as impaired vision and foul breath. One has a heavily coated tongue.


Extreme mental sensitiveness due to grief, disappointment in love affairs

Calcarea Carb

There is complete lack of development of the brain as well as other organs with forgetfulness. One suffers from slowness as well as an inability to acquire knowledge.


One experiences much depression of spirits and feels despondent. One is also worried about his salvation, about not being able to perform his duties. Also one is worried about passing in the examination, fretful, irritable, morose, very vehement and angry


One suffers from sleeplessness and is a coward with shamefulness, disgust, despair, humiliation, shyness with desire for solitude.


One suffers from sensitiveness, irritability, peevishness and is very easily angered and also suffers profoundly on account of these reactions.


Gets worked up over something and also throws whatever is in hand and whatever he or she could reach. On slightest contradiction or objection he or she will hit the person with whatever he or she can get hold of.

Baryta Carb:

One is faced with the loss of memory, mental weakness and is irresolute. One tends to lose confidence in oneself. One suffers from senile dementia, confusion, bashful and is averse to strangers. One is also childish and suffers from grief over trivial matters.


Conium is made use of to treat the elderly for depression, shyness, and fear of also being alone. The remedy does also treat memory loss, as well as relieving the mental confusion as well as loss of cognitive function that does set in as a result of grief over the loss of a spouse. Conium often does help people regain the ability to concentrate as well as.

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