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Dr. Ankireddy completed Bachelor of Homeopathy [BHMS] From Rajeev Gandhi University (Bangalore), Post Graduation in Alternate medicine from Bangalore, M.D from Knowledge park greater Noida Delhi, M.S [Psychiatry Counseling] form Karnataka and P.G Homeopathy from West London University [UK]

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We have treatment for more than 300 diseases from different departments 

Why you should choose Dr. Anki Reddy's Homeopathy Clinic

Homeopathy Treatment for 300+ Diseases

25 years + experience and treated more than 95000 patients. Experience curing Sinus, Thyroid, Sciatica and more “Unique Homeopathy Treatment in Hyderabad”

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Respected sir/madam, Hoping everyone fine. SNEHA HOMEOPATHY CLINIC extends service through direct consultation with Doctor

(DR MURALI ANKIREDDY SIR; DR KAPILA MAM; DR BHAVYA MAM). Call us on 88859 20000, 80744 98276, 90009 46000.